Posted by: darien7743 | August 9, 2016

Truesday and Thurdsay

Just for fun I thought I’d toss this in the ring. For me, this is Haiku prose.

I was writing a friend who travels quite a bit. In her last email she told me that she was leaving for the Pictured Rocks on Tuesday. I have no idea where they are located. My friend is a world traveller. My favorite gift from her was a pair of Keen shoes. She wore Keens climbing Machu Picchu. For all those who think that it’s something only advanced trekkers do, my friend is about 60. Wanting to catch her before she was out of email range, I sat down to write and found misspells every time I typed the day. Pausing, a minute, up came this idea. What if these were not misspells?  Played with that a bit. Here goes.

I have decided to dedicate Tuesday to Truesday. A misspell originally, I liked the idea of a day to check in with my language and level of thought. I began thinking about being authentic, saying something politely, without censoring it,…….not merely spouting a knee jerk response to a casual question. That’s different. Tuesday gets a bum deal during the week. It’s always Number 2. Truesday? What about a True day? Remember when they began calling Wednesday, “Hump day?” I didn’t like the visual, but using the nickname changed the picture and Wednesday, became a kind of celebratory event. People took a liking to Wednesday.

Sadly, in many nameless, hit the brake and talk, social encounters, I would not be thinking about what came out of my mouth, or the person, or whether my response had any relevance or integrity to it. I would just be saying something to fill the space so that I could hurry on to something, and usually someone, I considered more important……..Never giving a thought to the fact that the moment itself, and the person were all that was important…….in that moment. A dismissive and diminishing attitude that spells disaster for the speaker. Which happens to be me. Our lives are lived one moment at a time and we aren’t guaranteed the next one. Do I really want the last thing I do to be a dismissal of another?

“Hello! How are you?”

“I’m fine. Bye!” Scurry on down the way, perhaps not even stopping or smiling or returning the greeting. In too much of a hurry and missing today, perhaps the best part of today. The moment of, now.

Segue to Thursday. Another misspell in the same email, “Thurdsay.” A tap from the Universal?

Okay………….Perhaps it could be seen as a day to contemplate previous opinions and adamant actions. A day of grace to reverse obstinate stances, or inconsiderate comments………A pass, a bye, a chance to take back a thoughtlessly idea gathering force in the atmosphere. A way to prevent offense, to pull back, reconsider and eradicate ill will, whether intentional or not. A mending day, a healing day. A day of grace for ourselves and others.

Instead of behaviors that say, “I’m right. You’re wrong. That’s it!,” from last Monday’s conversation……….with

a. The usual unpleasant consequences……….

b. Which may become unending.

It would be a situation of, “I’m Right?” “You’re Wrong?” “Perhaps, not.” The person’s view may be incorrect or it may just differ from my own, but I have right and perhaps the duty to consider a different way of looking at my experiences. Perhaps a day that is not simply recognized as, the day before freedom, Friday, would be a welcome change for the future. A third-say…………on what my actual experience was and an option to make it a reality for my future……….while letting others know that their words have received my consideration and attention instead of contempt and rejection. Thurdsay………….

It’s a thought.



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