Posted by: darien7743 | August 15, 2016

HELP for the Tech- NO?……………

Okay………..Techno Bimbo, here.,

Somewhere out there is someone who understands what it’s like to be completely techno stupid. I am such a person and I need help. Today I received a notice that someone in a language I assume is Middle Eastern wants to make a comment, or has made a comment, or wants to “ping???” I tried to follow the instruction for translation and somehow screwed up. Supposedly people from several countries can now read what I have written………but I have no idea how to read what they have written to me. Nor do I understand what a “ping,” is. So, please bear with me as I try to negotiate the blog world. I am very interested in what others have to say. I may or may not agree……….but I am interested. Thanks to all who have taken the time to read what I write………..Soon I will be able to do all this properly.

Meanwhile……..don’t forget the chat with William Martin on Thursday, August 18, 2016. If you check out his Amazon books, remember that this is the Taoist, William Martin, not the contemporary novelist by the same name. Use Tao as part of your search on Amazon and you should get the right one. Bill is a novelist as well. His first novel, “The Tales of the Happy Frog: the Beginnings,” was published last year and the second in the series is due out shortly. Like the Chuang Tzu, the cover of the book belies the profound tickle of it’s contents. It is not a children’s book. If you’re fuzzy about a life walked as the Tao, in today’s world, you’ll enjoy a simple, contented and peaceful stroll with  “Tales.”

The chat is at 4:30 PST  on Facebook event page. For a peek at what it will be like, go to the website “Taoism with William Martin.” It will whet your appetite. All are welcome to participate or just listen in on Thursday. You can post questions early if you wish or chat in real time.


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